Foxy Foot Power!

Just what’s going on in that apartment upstairs from yours? You’ve seen those two lovely girls who moved in there, Taylor Sands and Anina Silk. They have such beautiful feet… you can’t help fantasizing about them sometimes… You can just imagine Anina polishing her toenails in different colors… and Taylor’s equally pretty pink ones. You can see them moving their feet about on the floor… oh how you’d love to hold and kiss and lick them… Foot worship is what you’re sure they’re doing this very instant. They’re posing in their sandals as if they’ve read your mind… they know about your foot worship fantasies… these foxy cuties who want to drive you to masturbate and cum all over yourself before their sexy foot power! See them kiss their toes and slide out of their lingerie and suck on their other parts as well! Oh Anina looks so good eating Taylor’s pussy while Taylor licks Anina’s ankles! Watch them press their soles together, Anina lick her own feet, and Taylor rub her incomparable beauties on Anina’s shaved pussy!

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