A Show To Remember

Taylor Sands, that handful of gorgeousness from the Netherlands, relaxes with a glass of red wine and a cigarillo, dressed sensuously in a silver grey lace teddy, black lacy thigh highs, and silver grey peep toe pumps. She’s also wearing quite an extraordinary hat that perhaps sets off some stimulating ideas in her pretty noggin. We all know about ladies and hats… throughout history, creative chapeaux do something sensual to them! Perhaps influenced too by the classical sculpture of a nude lady in the background, Taylor unveils herself before us, eventually removing her hat so her auburn tresses tumble free-flowing like wine, if you will, and she tugs aside the teddy crotch to investigate the heat within her core. As she continues to disrobe, Taylor shows us more and more of herself, all so delectable in her Dutch beauty. Using the red velvet chair as her personal stage, she gives us a show to remember!

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